Skilled Worker

(Formerly Tier 2 General)

Tier 2 General route closed on 1 December 2020,  it has been replaced by the Skilled Worker visa.  The Skilled Worker visa on the UK Points-Based System enables professional and skilled workers to enter the UK on a long-term basis through sponsorship by a UK employer. 

Intra-Company Transfer

The Intra-Company Transfer route is available to individuals who are transferring to the UK for a short or long-term sponsorship by the branch or entity of their organisation in the UK.

Sponsor Licences

In order to employ foreign nationals who otherwise have no permission to work, employers must have a relevant sponsorship licence.

Business Visitors and Paid Permitted Engagement

These visa’s allows applicants to come to the UK to carry out specific engagements for which they may receive payment.

Sole Representative

The Sole Representative of an Overseas Business visa is designed primarily to allow senior executives / managers of an overseas company to enter the UK in order to set up the company's first UK office. 

Regulation Number: F202000133

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