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A Sponsor Licence enables UK companies to employ foreign nationals who otherwise have no permission to work. This allows employers to sponsor migrant workers in roles that cannot be filled by resident workers or where there is a skills shortage in the UK.
From 1st January 2021 this includes EU nationals who wish to work in the UK. From 31 Dec 2020, there is no longer  free movement of EU nationals. Employers wishing to employ EU nationals or their dependent family members will need to obtain a sponsor licence before they will be able employ EU nationals in the UK. 
For more information on obtaining one of the various tiers of sponsor licence or employing EU nationals entering the UK from 1st January 2021, please contact our Immigration team.
For a company to be able to recruit an employee from overseas, it must be a licensed sponsor. In order to become a licensed sponsor, the company must meet certain requirements. 
In order for educational establishments to accept international students who do not have any other visa or 
right that permits them to study in the UK the institution must have a sponsor licence and be able to issue a Certificate of Acceptance of Study. 
Our immigration consultants will work with employers and educational institutions to ensure that the UKVI’s requirements to become a sponsor can be met. 
Once a licence has been obtained, we can:

  • Obtain further certificates for new and existing employees

  • Visa applications for new staff that you may wish to employ

  • Visa extension applications for existing employees

  • Ongoing compliance and maintenance of the Sponsor Management System

  • Illegal working audits and compliance

  • Training in the above for key HR and non-HR staff.

Get in Touch and let us take the stress out of obtaining a Sponsor Licence.