The Intra-Company Transfer Worker visa is designed to enable workers who are based overseas to transfer temporarily to the organisation’s UK branch or connected entity. Intra-Company Transfer Worker replaced Tier 2 (ICT) on 1 December 2020. 


There are currently two types of Intra-Company Transfer Worker visas:

  • Intra-Company Transfer, for established workers of multinational companies who are being transferred to the UK

  • Intra-Company Graduate Trainee,  for workers taking part in a structured graduate training programme.


Intra-Company Transfer Worker visa


Main requirements:


In order to qualify for an Intra-Company Transfer visa, the applicant must be able to demonstrate that:

  • they have a job offer and a Certificate of Sponsorship (CoS) from an organisation based in the UK that holds a sponsor licence

  • they possess the suitable skills and experience for the role

  • the role is at the relevant skill level (typically NQF level 6 or above) and they will be paid an appropriate salary  for the role

  • they have sufficient funds to maintain themselves (if maintenance is not certified by the sponsor)

  • they have a TB certificate if required, and

  • they do not fall for refusal under the general grounds for refusal.


How long you can stay?


For applicants in the Intra-Company Graduate Trainee category, one year is the maximum period of leave they can be granted at any one time and this must correspond to the structured training programme.


Applicants in the Intra-Company Transfer can category can stay in the UK for a cumulative total of five years in any six-year period. This is unless they are a high earner, in which case the maximum period is a cumulative total of 9 years in any 10 year period.


During their stay in the UK, applicants must work for the sponsor in the role described on the CoS. They can also perform supplementary work in accordance with the rules and study, providing this does not interfere with their main sponsored work.

Indefinite Leave to Remain


The Intra-Company Transfer Worker visa does not lead to Indefinite Leave to Remain in the UK.


Extending an Intra-Company Visa

You can apply to extend your Intra-company Transfer visa from inside the UK if all of the following are true:


  • you have the same job as when you were given your previous permission to enter or stay in the UK

  • your job is in the same occupation code as when you were given your previous permission to enter or 

  • stay in the UK

  • you’re still working for the employer who gave you your current certificate of sponsorship

  • you have not reached the maximum total stay.  

Spouses & Dependants 

As an ICT Visa holder you can also apply for your spouse, civil partner, unmarried partner and dependent children to join you in the UK. Dependents will be granted the same period of leave as the main applicant and be able to work without restriction. However, your partner or children must have a certain amount of money available to support themselves while they’re in the UK.


Work Restrictions

Working in the UK must relate directly to the work of your employer as on your Certificate of
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