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We offer a Relocation friendly approach to immigration and can assist with all aspects of corporate and private applications.

Eldee Greyling manages a team of experienced immigration consultants that can assist with both inbound and outbound applications.

Having worked and achieved fantastic results in the immigration industry for over 12 years, Eldee brings a wealth of experience and enthusiasm to the team. In conjunction with Clearview Relocation and Aqua Moving Services we will bring a refreshing approach to immigration, one that works seamlessly with the other important elements of an International move.

Clearview Immigration can provide practical immigration advice to HR teams, relocating assignees’ and private individuals alike. Our experienced immigration consultants are accessible, approachable and proactive in providing a prompt, efficient and cost-effective approach to this complex field.

Clearview Relocation and Aqua Moving Services already work with many International organisations, from a wide variety of business sectors across the globe. The addition of our Immigration team will provide both private and corporate clients a one stop shop for a specialised, seamless approach to global relocation.