• Eldee Greyling

Prepare to “migrate” with Eldee Greyling!

Director of Clearview Relocation Immigration, Eldee Greyling shares compelling stories into his line of work. What Eldee does so effortlessly is center people at the heart of international law and relations. Immigration is the negotiation and navigating of a sense of belonging, identity, and home. When we understand this, we begin to understand the intricacies of immigration and its relationship to people.

South African-born, Eldee moved to the United Kingdom (UK) in 2001 with hopes of securing a better future for himself. Having to migrate and move away from familiar surroundings can be daunting and the endless paperwork – frustrating, Eldee described the experience and process as extensive, complicated, and sometimes demanding and then laughs as he says “and then by chance I ended up working in immigration!”

After years of working in almost every job in the global mobility industry, Eldee started working in immigration back in 2016. In 2020 he met with Clearview Relocation Group founders, Simon Bell and George Holmes, they joined forces and founded Clearview Immigration.

Clearview Immigration now provides a full array of visa and work permit services which cover both the Corporate and Private sectors on an inbound and outbound/global basis. Working alongside the other divisions of the Clearview Group their clients now have access to a full range of Global Relocation Services offering specialism in Relocation, Removals Management (and a soon to be announced new venture) all under one roof.

The founding principles of the company were simple – to provide their clients with a relocation friendly service that puts the people first – something that is replicated across the group and makes Clearview Relocation one of the standout choices when considering which relocation company to use.

Eldee clearly remembers his own migration journey and makes it his mission to go the extra mile for his clients so that they can benefit from a different approach.

“Because I have been through it myself, I can understand how they feel, I use this experience to look forward, plan carefully, avoid the pitfalls and provide a shoulder to cry on when it is needed.”

He goes on to say “I take the immigration work very seriously because it affects people's lives, if the application is unsuccessful then it means that someone cannot move to the UK or that a company is unable to hire a worker who is critical to the growth and success of the business.”

While meticulously striking the balance between the daunting immigration laws and being sensitive to the fact that he is working with people, he guides his clients through the process in an approachable, friendly and organized manner as his predominant trait in a business is the love of making a difference. He recalls heartwarming stories that make it all worthwhile, a couple where the wife was living in the United States and the husband in Glasgow, Scotland as circumstances (immigration laws) would not allow them to live in the same place, they had lived in separate countries for two years and desperately wanted to be together, Eldee and his team worked tirelessly and creatively to ensure that they could be together.

“It is great when everything works out well, at Clearview Immigration we always ensure that a positive outcome is achieved wherever possible!”

Looking ahead, Eldee very much hopes that we can return to some form of normality and is looking forward to the return of pre-pandemic business levels. He very much believes that the UK has not yet felt the true impact of Brexit and that there will be a lot to take care of when businesses are able to get back on track.

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