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Welcome to Clearview Immigration

Updated: Jan 14, 2021

Welcome to Clearview Immigration LLP, the latest addition to the Clearview Group of Companies.

Following considerable success over the past 20 years in global relocation, Clearview joined forces with Aqua Moving Services LLP to offer international move management and are now thrilled to be able to offer Immigration expertise too.

Having over 12 years’ experience in the immigration sector, Eldee Greyling was recruited and has put together a team of industry experts, providing a full range of services to suit both the private and corporate sectors. As a group of companies, Clearview aims to provide a ‘relocation friendly’, streamlined approach for all assignees and clients in offering the complete solution to worldwide relocation services.

When asked why three companies and not just the one Simon responded “George and I set up Clearview Relocation to be a fantastic relocation company, we are not removals or immigration specialists and feel that these industries need the same care, attention and specialism that we apply to relocation.

We can now provide one coordinating member of the team to provide a relocation friendly approach to these different industries.”

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