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Extensions to the Shortage Occupation List:

Good News for Employers?

What it Means

The Shortage Occupation List was recently updated by the UK Government on March 4th 2021.This important change builds on the Government’s delivery of the new points-based immigration system. These measures are designed at attracting world-leading global talent and addressing skills shortages.

Changes to UK Immigration Rules will now make it easier for overseas health and care staff to be recruited to the UK. Now a year since COVID hit, this is seen as good news, not least for the NHS. The immigration system has previously been criticised for excluding care workers from the list of occupations, despite their critical support role during the global pandemic.

What Occupations Have Been Recommended to be Removed from the Shortage Occupation List?

  • 2433 Quantity surveyors

  • 5434 Chefs (removed 6 April 2021)

The law can be quirky. This includes an amendment to the requirements for ‘welding’ as a shortage occupation. Note, only ‘high integrity’ pipe welders qualify, where the job requires 3 or more years of experience, and experience must not have been gained ‘illegally’.

Skilled chefs removed from the Shortage Occupation List continue to qualify for sponsorship. More details about the skilled workers visa can be found here.

What Happens Next?

A major review should take place every 3 years. All occupations will effectively be reconsidered and all eligible occupations invited to submit evidence to qualify.

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